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As two Southern Alberta farm girls, the noticeable reality of children not understanding where their food comes from has been deeply unsettling and resulted in numerous conversations on how we could potentially change this. In an attempt to help educate our children (and potentially adults, too), we set about authoring a book that covers the expanse of where our food journey begins, all the way to where it ends -- on our table.

Together, with our love for the farm and agricultural industry, we created our first Canadian printed and published book for children. Titled, ‘Dirt To Dinner’ our book is a collaboration of two technical backgrounds: a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with a Major in Soil Science from the University of Alberta and a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Developmental Art from the University of Calgary.

With a reading level suggestion of Grades 2-6 and ages 7-12, we hope that you’ll invite us into your home and build a beautiful learning relationship with your children and grandchildren down the road.


Conny Kappler has a Bachelor of Science with a Soil Science Major from the University of Alberta. She grows a market garden providing fresh berries, fruits and vegetables to her local customers. Conny and her husband Mike also operate a cow/calf operation. She grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Alberta, which she still calls home. She is a mother of two and a grandmother of two, whom she enjoys reading to as often as she can. Conny volunteers with the Classroom Agriculture Program, a program that will be celebrating 35 years in 2020 and is a member of the Cypress County Agricultural Service Board. 



Ralaina Virostek was born and raised in Southern Alberta. With a passion for the arts since early childhood, Ralaina has been developing her artistic skills since she was capable of holding a crayon. Embracing her creativity, Ralaina schooled for two years in a Visual Communications program, then set her sights on a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Calgary. Constantly seeking creative growth, she launched Ray Photography + Design officially in January of 2017 which has since provided an outlet for all of her passions and talents. 

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